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The Dying Day thumbnail
The Dying Day eAudiobook
Vaseem Khan / Maya Saroya

Bombay 1950. For over a century one of the world's great treasures a 600-hundred-year-old copy of Da..

A Lawless Place thumbnail
A Lawless Place eAudiobook
David Donachie / Peter Noble

Edward Brazier is enlisted by Prime Minister William Pitt to assist his investigation into smuggling..

The Christmas Wedding thumbnail
The Christmas Wedding eAudiobook
James Patterson; Richard DiLallo / Stephanie Cannon

The tree is decorated the cookies are baked and the presents are wrapped but the biggest celebration..

Her Last Request thumbnail
Her Last Request eAudiobook
Mari Hannah / Colleen Prendergast

A Hidden Clue. A victim reaches out from the grave to the SIO who will investigate her death. This i..

Village Rumours thumbnail
Village Rumours eAudiobook
Rebecca Shaw / Gordon Griffin

While clearing out the rectory's loft Reverend Peter Harris makes an unsettling discovery and a dark..

L.A. Confidential thumbnail
L.A. Confidential eAudiobook
James Ellroy / Jeff Harding

Christmas 1951 Los Angeles: a city where the police are as corrupt as the criminals. Six prisoners a..

Takedown thumbnail
Takedown eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Paul Thornley

When a British Special Forces soldier goes rogue ex-MI5 controller Charlotte Button is hired to work..

My Year of Saying No thumbnail
My Year of Saying No eAudiobook
Maxine Morrey / Gloria Sanders

Lottie Wentworth has never been more pleased to hear Big Ben ring in the new year and wave goodbye t..

The Summer of Secrets thumbnail
The Summer of Secrets eAudiobook
Barbara Hannay / Taryn Ryan

Sydney journalist Chloe Brown is left devastated when her long-term boyfriend finally admits he neve..

Bones in the River thumbnail
Bones in the River eAudiobook
Zoë Sharp / Lewis Hancock

The traditional Appleby Horse Fair hosts the largest gathering of Gypsies and Travellers in Europe. ..

The Secrets of Ashmore Castle thumbnail
The Secrets of Ashmore Castle eAudiobook
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles / Penelope Freeman Available 30th August 2022

1901. When the Earl of Stainton dies in a tragic hunting accident Giles the eldest son of the noble ..

Mara's Choice thumbnail
Mara's Choice eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Taryn Ryan

When Mara Gregory receives a letter from the father whom she believed to have died when she was a ch..

First Frost thumbnail
First Frost eAudiobook
James Henry / Stephen Thorne

Denton 1981. Britain is in recession the IRA is becoming increasingly active and the country’s on ..

Talon of the Silver Hawk (Conclave of Shadows Book 1) thumbnail
Talon of the Silver Hawk (Conclave of Shadows Book 1) eAudiobook
Raymond E. Feist / Peter Joyce

A sweeping epic fantasy series from worldwide bestselling author Raymond E Feist. Featuring one of t..

Skinner's Round thumbnail
Skinner's Round eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce

The opening of an elite country club marked by a prestigious golf tournament turns to chaos when a m..