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The Canterbury Tales thumbnail
The Canterbury Tales eAudiobook
Peter Ackroyd / Seán Barrett Anita Wright

A motley group of travellers meet at a London inn on their way to Canterbury where they agree to tak..

Should I Tell You? thumbnail
Should I Tell You? eAudiobook
Jill Mansell / Katherine Press Available 4th June 2024

Amber Lachlan and Raffaele met as teenagers in the seaside home of kind-hearted foster parents. Now ..

Poles Apart thumbnail
Poles Apart eAudiobook
Anna Burns; Jacqui Burns / Charlotte Strevens

The Pembrokeshire village of Morlan is a beautiful place to live but breathtaking views of the Welsh..

A Day Like Any Other thumbnail
A Day Like Any Other eAudiobook
Isla Dewar / Carolyn Bonnyman

Anna and her best friend George meet every week to reminisce about their moments of glory over a gla..

Good Girls thumbnail
Good Girls eAudiobook
Amanda Brookfield / Deryn Edwards

Good Girls don't tell tales…Everyone that meets Kat Keating is mesmerised. Beautiful smart and cha..

A Season In The Snow thumbnail
A Season In The Snow eAudiobook
Isla Gordon / Anna Acton

Alice Bright loves her life. She has a job she adores a devoted family and friends she'd lay down he..

Aliens Stink! thumbnail
Aliens Stink! eAudiobook
Steve Cole / Steve Cole

Some seriously weird stuff is happening on Planet Earth. Pollution is cleaned up overnight. A sweet ..

A Sliver of Darkness thumbnail
A Sliver of Darkness eAudiobook
C.J. Tudor / C.J. Tudor Richie Campbell Dakota Blue Richards Richard Armitage Roy McMillan Available 3rd June 2024

Timeslips. Doomsday scenarios. Killer butterflies. Eleven captivating and twisted tales of the macab..

Cherry Blossom Dreams thumbnail
Cherry Blossom Dreams eAudiobook
Gwyneth Rees / Clare Corbett Available 29th May 2024

Sometimes something happens in your life that changes everything. When Sasha was six her dad died su..

The Library At Edge Of World thumbnail
The Library At Edge Of World eAudiobook
Felicity Hayes-McCoy / Marcella Riordan Available 9th June 2024

As Hanna Casey drives her mobile library van between farms and villages she tries not to think of th..

Letters From The Lighthouse thumbnail
Letters From The Lighthouse eAudiobook
Emma Carroll / Victoria Fox Available 12th June 2024

'February 1941. After months of bombing raids in London twelve-year-old Olive Bradshaw and her littl..

A Home For Molly thumbnail
A Home For Molly eAudiobook
Holly Webb / Victoria Fox

On holiday at the seaside Anya is excited when she meets a friendly family with children her own age..

Summer Kisses at Mermaids Point thumbnail
Summer Kisses at Mermaids Point eAudiobook
Sarah Bennett / Annabell Indge

Laurie Morgan runs a café in the small seaside community of Mermaids Point named after the beauties..

Coming Home to Cuckoo Cottage thumbnail
Coming Home to Cuckoo Cottage eAudiobook
Heidi Swain / Karen Cass

When Lottie Foster’s grandmother’s best friend Gwen dies she leaves Lottie Cuckoo Cottage. Lotti..

A Spy Alone thumbnail
A Spy Alone eAudiobook
Charles Beaumont / David Thorpe Available 7th July 2024

Everyone knows about the Cambridge Spies from the 1950s but no spy ring was ever unearthed at Oxford..