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A Court of Betrayal thumbnail
A Court of Betrayal eAudiobook
Anne O'Brien / Jilly Bond

The Welsh Marches 1301. Strong-willed heiress Johane de Geneville is married to Roger Mortimer Earl ..

The Tall Stranger thumbnail
The Tall Stranger eAudiobook
D.E. Stevenson / Candida Gubbins

Barbie France has known Edward Steyne all her life - indeed they were childhood sweethearts. Charmin..

The Fading of the Light thumbnail
The Fading of the Light eAudiobook
Charlotte Betts / Emma Powell

Cornwall 1902. Edith Fairchild deserted by her feckless husband Benedict eight years before has esta..

The Grand Illusion thumbnail
The Grand Illusion eAudiobook
Syd Moore / Penelope Rawlins

June 1940. As World War Two rages Daphne Devine remains in London performing each night as assistant..

Emperor of Rome thumbnail
Emperor of Rome eAudiobook
Robert Fabbri / Peter Kenny

Rome AD 68. Vespasian is tasked with the impossible: should he quell the revolt in Judaea as the emp..

Magnus and the Crossroads Brotherhood thumbnail
Magnus and the Crossroads Brotherhood eAudiobook
Robert Fabbri / Peter Kenny

Marcus Salvius Magnus leader of the South Quirinal Crossroads Brotherhood has long dominated his par..

Stormcrow thumbnail
Stormcrow eAudiobook
Ben Kane / Ruairi Conaghan

On the east coast of Ireland 13-year-old Finn finds the sword of a slain Norseman and with Odin's ra..

Valentine Grey thumbnail
Valentine Grey eAudiobook
Sandi Toksvig / Joanna Bending Peter Kenny

London 1897. A young girl Valentine Grey arrives in England. She's been brought up in the remote and..

The Secret History of Audrey James thumbnail
The Secret History of Audrey James eAudiobook
Heather Marshall / Karen Cass

Northern England 2010. After a tragic accident upends her life Kate Mercer leaves London to work at ..

Grace's Courage thumbnail
Grace's Courage eAudiobook
AnneMarie Brear / Penelope Freeman

Grace Woodruff fights for her sisters' happiness while sacrificing any chance for her own. The eldes..

Love Will Find a Way thumbnail
Love Will Find a Way eAudiobook
Ellie Dean / Julie Maisey

Cliffehaven December 1946_x000D_From a hill above the town of Cliffehaven a young woman makes a hear..

Lords of the White Castle thumbnail
Lords of the White Castle eAudiobook
Elizabeth Chadwick / Christopher Scott

Westminster 1184. As a reward for loyalty to the crown Fulke FitzWarin becomes companion to Prince J..

The Time of Singing thumbnail
The Time of Singing eAudiobook
Elizabeth Chadwick / Peter Wickham

When Roger Bigod heir to the powerful earldom of Norfolk arrives at court in 1177 to settle a bitter..

The Constant Soldier thumbnail
The Constant Soldier eAudiobook
William Ryan / Seán Barrett

1944. Paul Brandt a German soldier returns wounded and ashamed from the chaos of the Eastern front t..

The Golden Hour thumbnail
The Golden Hour eAudiobook
Jacquie Bloese / Penelope Rawlins

In the genteel squares of late-Victorian Brighton Ellen and Reynold Harper - twins companions collea..