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Something to Hide thumbnail
Something to Hide eAudiobook
Elizabeth George / Ben Onwukwe Available 23rd November 2023

A Nigerian born detective sergeant working for the Metropolitan Police is found unconscious in her o..

The Fine Art of Invisible Detection thumbnail
The Fine Art of Invisible Detection eAudiobook
Robert Goddard / Naoko Mori Available 16th October 2023

Umiko Wada has had quite enough excitement in her life. With her husband recently murdered and a mot..

Deadlock thumbnail
Deadlock eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce Available 15th October 2023

Sir Robert Skinner's stock is rising - after retiring from the police service he's been promoted to ..

The Dead of Winter thumbnail
The Dead of Winter eAudiobook
Rennie Airth / Peter Wickham Available 15th October 2023

During a blackout on the streets of London in late 1944 a young Polish land girl Rosa Nowak is sudde..

A Death to Record thumbnail
A Death to Record eAudiobook
Rebecca Tope / Julia Franklin Available 3rd November 2023

When the body of a herdsman is discovered in a farm building Detective Sergeant Den Cooper is more t..

A Body by the Lighthouse thumbnail
A Body by the Lighthouse eAudiobook
Helen Cox / Colleen Prendergast Available 17th October 2023

Private investigator Kitt Hartley and her twin sister Rebecca are preparing for a holiday in Scotlan..

The Poisoning in the Pub thumbnail
The Poisoning in the Pub eAudiobook
Simon Brett / Simon Brett

Fethering residents Jude and Carole get more than they bargained for when a meal in their local pub ..

Cold Case thumbnail
Cold Case eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce Available 3rd November 2023

Former Chief Constable Bob Skinner may have left the police service but he's never far from a case. ..

A Woman Unknown thumbnail
A Woman Unknown eAudiobook
Frances Brody / Anne Dover

Deirdre Fitzpatrick is married to a man who wants to know where she really goes when supposedly taki..

Mad Bad and Dead thumbnail
Mad Bad and Dead eAudiobook
Sherryl Clark / Kirsty Gillmore

Already struggling to juggle co-running Candlebark's pub/bistro along with her new childcare respons..

How Does Your Garden Grow? thumbnail
How Does Your Garden Grow? eAudiobook
Agatha Christie / David Suchet

A classic collection of Agatha Christie short stories taken from Poirot’s Early Cases and read by ..

Encore in Death thumbnail
Encore in Death eAudiobook
J.D. Robb / Susan Eriksen

A glittering event full of A-listers hosted by Eliza Lane and Brant Fitzhugh a celebrity couple whoâ..

Improving the Silence thumbnail
Improving the Silence eAudiobook
Peter Turnbull / Gordon Griffin Available 2nd November 2023

When a skeleton is discovered in a deep grave at the edge of an area of woodland the police discover..

The Blood-Dimmed Tide thumbnail
The Blood-Dimmed Tide eAudiobook
Rennie Airth / Peter Wickham

It is 1932 and John Madden former Scotland Yard Inspector is now a farmer in the peaceful Surrey cou..

Lestrade and the Brother of Death thumbnail
Lestrade and the Brother of Death eAudiobook
M. J. Trow / M. J. Trow

Recovering from a broken leg after his ignominious fall from the Titanic Lestrade should have had a ..