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Seven Summers Seven Summers

‘Heart-wrenching and heart-warming’ Beth O'Leary

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What Happened to the Bennetts What Happened to the Bennetts

Your family has been attacked. Now you have to choose between law… and justice.

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The Gathering The Gathering

'An incredibly exciting novel, tightly plotted and brilliantly tense, with an atmosphere you could eat with a spoon' STUART TURTON

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The Constant Soldier The Constant Soldier

Shortlisted for the HWA’s Endeavour Gold Crown, the CWA’s Steel Dagger and the Irish Crime Novel of the Year.

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The Instruments of Darkness The Instruments of Darkness

'John Connolly is the creator of a unique blend of thriller and horror who receives rave reviews every time' Sunday Telegraph

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The Nurses of Eastby End The Nurses of Eastby End

The gripping and unforgettable new novel from the beloved and bestselling saga storyteller.

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Bonehead Bonehead

The final novel from the Queen of Fear, Mo Hayder.

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Way Back Way Back

'Gorgeous! Warm and funny and brimming with tenderness and heart' Graham Norton

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The Secret History of Audrey James The Secret History of Audrey James

Sometimes the best place to hide is the last place anyone would look.

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Banners of Hell Banners of Hell

Summer 1312. The brutal murder of King Edward II's favourite, Peter Gaveston, unleashes a horde of demons...

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The Chamber The Chamber

'The tension is almost unbearable. A masterclass in suspense - I absolutely loved it!' Shari Lapena

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Murder at the Monastery Murder at the Monastery

Even the monastery isn't safe from murder...

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Stormcrow Stormcrow

In the eye of the storm, Stormcrow dices with death yet again. Only the gods know if he will survive.

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The Mercy Chair The Mercy Chair

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

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Storm Child Storm Child

Discover the smart, gripping and emotional thriller from the No.1 bestseller

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What Stays Unsaid thumbnail
What Stays Unsaid eAudiobook
Sophie Flynn / Helen Keeley Tamsin Kennard Julie Maisey Jessica Preddy Rosalind Steele Meg Travers

You are invited to a surprise joint hen-do to celebrate our two brides Alex and Millie Location: Rem..

Banners of Hell thumbnail
Banners of Hell eAudiobook
Paul Doherty / Richard Burnip Available 24th July 2024

Summer 1312. The brutal murder of King Edward II's favourite Peter Gaveston unleashes a horde of dem..

These Wartime Dreams thumbnail
These Wartime Dreams eAudiobook
Rosie Meddon / Emma Powell

After Pearl's home is destroyed in the Exeter Blitz so too are her dreams of performing onstage. Fin..

Courage for the Home Front Girls thumbnail
Courage for the Home Front Girls eAudiobook
Susanna Bavin / Julia Franklin Available 23rd July 2024

Manchester 1940. By day Betty works cheerfully with her best friend Sally now the manager of the sal..

The Chamber thumbnail
The Chamber eAudiobook
Will Dean / Helen Keeley Available 23rd July 2024

On a boat heading out into the North Sea Ellen Brooke steels herself to spend almost a month locked ..

The Nurses of Eastby End thumbnail
The Nurses of Eastby End eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Peta Cornish

Missing home Rachel seizes the opportunity to train as a district nurse in a village near Rochdale e..

The Tall Stranger thumbnail
The Tall Stranger eAudiobook
D.E. Stevenson / Candida Gubbins

Barbie France has known Edward Steyne all her life - indeed they were childhood sweethearts. Charmin..

Seven Summers thumbnail
Seven Summers eAudiobook
Paige Toon / Natalie Simpson Available 1st October 2024

Six summers ago Liv and Finn meet working in a bar on the rugged Cornish coastline their futures ful..

Kathy's Courage thumbnail
Kathy's Courage eAudiobook
Carol MacLean / Lesley Mackie Available 29th July 2024

Glasgow 1943. After becoming pregnant out of wedlock only to find out her betrothed was already marr..

The Wrong Hands thumbnail
The Wrong Hands eAudiobook
Mark Billingham / David Threlfall Available 5th September 2024

Unconventional Detective Declan Miller has a problem. Still desperate to solve the murder of his wif..

Before the Fact thumbnail
Before the Fact eAudiobook
Francis Iles / Deryn Edwards Available 1st August 2024

Some women give birth to murderers some go to bed with them and some marry them. Lina Aysgarth had l..

The Ballroom Girls Hit the Big Time thumbnail
The Ballroom Girls Hit the Big Time eAudiobook
Jenny Holmes / Claire Storey Available 31st July 2024

Sylvia Joy and Pearl are preparing to compete in a major national ballroom competition - not easy in..

Maggie Rowan thumbnail
Maggie Rowan eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover Available 31st July 2024

There were plenty around Fellburn who said Maggie Rowan was as plain as a pikestaff a woman consumed..

All That We've Got thumbnail
All That We've Got eAudiobook
Jendella Benson / Nneka Okoye

Over one relentlessly hot summer two women's lives are about to collide in the most unexpected ways...

Bonehead thumbnail
Bonehead eAudiobook
Mo Hayder / Katy Sobey Available 30th July 2024

Alex Mullins knows she is one of the lucky ones. When a fatal coach crash at her school reunion kill..