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Night of the Zandians

Renee Rose; Rebel West / Daniel Arden
The Zandians have taken back their planet. Now they need brides. All human females have been assigned to mates. Yes mates multiple. I've been given to three handsome males - cousins. Huge purple and horned they act like they want to eat me for breakfast. After what I've been through with previous slave masters I don't know how I'll survive this. But I have to. It's adapt or be sent off-planet which would mean my death considering I'm wanted for murder. My mates cannot find out I'm not able to reproduce. I need to keep my secret figure out a way to survive stay focused. But when the Zandian warriors claim me they make me forget my past and scream with pleasure. I can't let myself fall for them. If they learn my secret I'll lose more than my life. I'll lose my heart.

  • Published by W. F. Howes
  • Fiction/Non-FictionFiction
  • Genre Romantic Suspense
  • Target Audience Adult
  • Released 1st February 2019
  • Duration 07 Hrs. 45 Mins.
  • ISBN 0000000380326