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Princess Runs Away A (Barbara Cartland's Pink Collection 157)

Barbara Cartland / Anthony Wren
The beautiful Princess Vasila an orphan who has been looked after by Baroness von Bergstein in a Grace and Favour house is astonished when an Equerry arrives to take her to Windsor Castle to see the Queen. She is not told until she arrives that Prince Gadelov of Saralovia which is a small Balkan State has appealed to Queen Victoria to give him a Royal British wife so that he can be protected from the grasping Russians. When the Queen tells Vasila that she is to marry Prince Gadelov immediately she is horrified and very frightened. Without really thinking she runs away down a passage and out through a side door of The Castle. She then jumps into a parked van and its driver agrees to take her wherever she wants to go. As they are leaving Windsor Castle the van is stopped by Prince Gadelov arriving in an open carriage. When she sees the man who is to marry her she knows that she would rather die than allow him to touch her. The van driver puts her down at a nearby circus as she loves circuses and here she goes to look at the Helter-skelter which she has never seen before. As she wants one thing to remember in case she is taken back and married before she can prevent it she asks a stranger who is standing by her to take her on the Helter-skelter. The man is Kelvin Ridge who has just arrived from India. He is in disguise because having discovered a dastardly Russian plot to murder the Viceroy his life is in danger. How the two of them who are both running away from danger ride on the Helter-skelter and how Kelvin Ridge finds it difficult as Vasila clings desperately to him to be rid of her as she has nowhere to go. How she saves his life and he inevitably falls in love with her is all told in this exciting romance by BARBARA CARTLAND.Barbara Cartland was the world’s most prolific novelist who wrote an amazing 723 books in her lifetime of which no less than 644 were romantic novels with worldwide sales of over 1 billion copies and her books were translated into 36 different languages. As well as romantic novels she wrote historical biographies 6 autobiographies theatrical plays and books of advice on life love vitamins and cookery. She wrote her first book at the age of 21 and it was called Jigsaw. It became an immediate bestseller and sold 100000 copies in hardback in England and all over Europe in translation. Between the ages of 77 and 97 she increased her output and wrote an incredible 400 romances as the demand for her romances was so strong all over the world. She wrote her last book at the age of 97 and it was entitled perhaps prophetically The Way to Heaven. Her books have always been immensely popular in the United States where in 1976 her current books were at numbers 1 & 2 in the B. Dalton bestsellers list a feat never achieved before or since by any author. Barbara Cartland became a legend in her own lifetime and will be best remembered for her wonderful romantic novels so loved by her millions of readers throughout the world who have always collected her books to read again and again especially when they feel miserable or depressed. Her books will always be treasured for their moral message her pure and innocent heroines her handsome and dashing heroes her blissful happy endings and above all for her belief that the power of love is more important than anything else in everyone’s life.

  • Published by SAGA Egmont
  • Fiction/Non-FictionFiction
  • Genre Historical Romance
  • Target Audience Adult
  • Released 3rd September 2021
  • Duration 04 Hrs. 23 Mins.
  • ISBN 0000000447011